About Geveo Australasia

Company Profile 

Geveo Australasia (Geveo) specialises in the design, development and delivery of enterprise software business solutions and Software as a Service (SaaS).

Our software development and delivery process is based on an agile methodology (SCRUM), which delivers collaborative and fast turnaround working software. Our commitment to an agile approach ensures the delivery of fully tested software throughout the project cycle, early and often.

This high visibility, low risk and low cost process builds an increased level of confidence between customers and our teams.

Our approach, internal systems and highly skilled, certified and experienced staff underpin a software development process that rapidly and reliably caters to the reality of changing business priorities and customer objectives.

Our award winning software has positioned customers for recognition in prestigious awards events for innovation and best tech start-up.

All the methodologies and processes in the world do not magically achieve great results. Results come with the right combination of processes and people. At Geveo, we pride ourselves in the ability to understand the business drivers of our customers and believe in providing value for money solutions that engender trust and true partnership building.

Geveo’s unique hybrid model has the following compelling benefits:

  • Risk minimization and value addition by having senior Australian (Canberra) based IT team headed by it’s founder, Ravi Weerasooriya who is a seasoned solutions architect and project manager with over 25 years of industry experience guiding the process
  • Use of agile methodology (SCRUM) which provides our customers control, visibility and flexibility through the production process
  • State of the art tools which enables up to the minute reporting of project status
  • Highly qualified, skilled, experienced and certified staff with a strong work ethic and a passion for continuous learning
  • Co-location of staff with clients at strategic times of the project cycle to enhance working relationships
  • Lower cost of software development where customers have witnessed substantial savings, in some instances by up to 40%
  • Proven track record of high quality achievements including award winning software

We believe that offshore software development is a highly cost effective and proven alternative. Our handpicked development teams operating at out Development Centre in Colombo - Sri Lanka, turn software development projects into business tools that help deliver cost effective, timely, user-friendly outcomes.

Our approach, people and unique hybrid model help get the right results for our customers.
Quick facts about Geveo Australasia, Our staff and services.
Ravi Weerasooriya, having worked in the IT industry internationally for over 25 years, his passion for delivering scalable, robust and extensible applications led him to establish Geveo Australasia in 2008.
Our software development teams are tertiary qualified, certified and experienced problem solvers – not just coders and technicians.
Our customers have been recognised with prestigious awards for innovation and tech start-up.