About Geveo Australasia

Our People 

Our SCRUM software development teams are tertiary qualified, industry certified, highly skilled, experienced problem solvers – not just coders and technicians.

The teams possess the skill and ability to build high quality Custom Software from conceptualization to delivery.

Our aim is simply to employ the very best professionals who carry with them the drive for continuous learning and a passion for building great software.

Our approach, internal systems and working culture are geared to reliably deliver the desired customer objectives.

We pride ourselves in an exhaustive recruitment process resulting in hiring the best professionals in the country.

At Geveo, we employ staff who value:

  • Academic performance - over 80% of our staff have Masters and 1st class honours degrees in IT.
  • Industry certification - 70% with certifications in MCP, MCTS, MCPD, MCAD.
  • Team work
  • Learning new things
  • Customer satisfaction

We encourage our staff towards continuous learning by providing:

  • Geveo sponsored payments for Industry certifications
  • Training and development opportunities both in Sri Lanka and overseas
  • Co-location opportunities with clients. Over 30% of staff have travelled overseas work in client sites.
  • Weekly technical sessions and peer to peer training
  • Team building exercises/events

This formula combined with the use of the latest technologies help us achieve a high staff retention rate. It means that our staff value what they do and experience at Geveo.

We are proud that we are fast building a reputation as a workplace of choice in Sri Lanka for software engineers.

Our approach, people and unique hybrid model help get the right results for our customers.
Quick facts about Geveo Australasia, Our staff and services.
Ravi Weerasooriya, having worked in the IT industry internationally for over 25 years, his passion for delivering scalable, robust and extensible applications led him to establish Geveo Australasia in 2008.
Our software development teams are tertiary qualified, certified and experienced problem solvers – not just coders and technicians.
Our customers have been recognised with prestigious awards for innovation and tech start-up.